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 Project Civil Details

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PostSubject: Project Civil Details   Project Civil Details I_icon_minitimeTue Sep 11, 2012 7:39 am

This is going to be solo by me for a while, as long as I'm ahead of th FPS.

The project is a fun sandbox game, in which you are a god and you must bring a certain species up to a civilised level.

Below I shall put some exciting features

Conjour Up Your Imagination

Start with 4 confused citizens and command them as you will, send them forresting for food, mining for suplies or building their very first structures.

Praise the LORD!

Make your people pray to you, earn your Mana, and use it as you will.

Make your world. YOUR world

In your "Crafting Cloud" you can design the structures you wish your minions to build, ranging from housing through to medical buildings. Design your minions from scratch.

Unleash your rage

Don't like the crappy structure your people have decided to build? LIGHTNING STRIKE IT TO THE GROUND!

Do it yourself

Posses your own figure that is a statue and get your hands dirty doing the jobs your minions are failing to do.

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Project Civil Details
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