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Post1 - Mind Blown

A solid 4 hours of studying these things!

Well....... I have been cross-referencing my sources all day on Voxels, Marching Cubes, and other important stuff like Perlin Noise, and although I have learnt a thing or two, I have NO idea of how to implement my new knowledge.

Perlin Noise

One thing that I believe is highly important in the random generation of a Voxelised world is Perlin Noise. Up until today I thought perlin Noise was actually a code that is dependant on a texture, but it is so much more than that, it actualy creates the texture (If applicable). This is important in the Random Generation part... Something I should not be paying close attention to.... Yet.
References :

But anyway onto the stuff I actually Need to learn.....

Voxels and Chunks

Up until about 2 days ago I had no idea what a Voxel was, then I learnt that it is simpily 3D's equivilent of a pixel. This helped me with absolutlely nothing but understanding.

The very first ideology I need to get through my head is that of a Voxel terrain... Not a random one yet as that would greatly overcomplicate things. As a Voxel engine would usually store Millions apon Millions of objects, I need to find a nice way to cache all the objects and only render them and check their colliders if the block is considered "active" (If it is within the view fustrum). I believe the way to achieve this is through "Chunks". If I can cross referance the position with the "Chunks" that need to be "Active"/Loaded.
References :


Anyway thats it for my rant, hopefully it gives you SOME insight. Right now I understand the basics and have no real idea how to apply this to what I wish to achieve.
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