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 Versions/Features to be Added

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Versions/Features to be Added Empty
PostSubject: Versions/Features to be Added   Versions/Features to be Added I_icon_minitimeMon Oct 22, 2012 8:26 am

This post is mainly a motivational post to keep me from going insane. This is what needs to be done. In order of what they need to be done.

GREEN = Done

ORANGE = In Progress

BLUE = Delayed

Misc - James


  1. Generating A Single Chunk from a heightmap
  2. Randomly Generating a Smooth Grayscale Heightmap
  3. Partioning a heightmap into chunks and generating
  4. Addition of different blocks generated in Terrain (Ores etc)
  5. Creating "viens" of resources in the world
  6. Placing of blocks from inventory
  7. Generation of water at a certain level
  8. Water physics and transparancy
  9. Adjacent Chunk Transferal
  10. Collision Optimisation
  11. Larger Worlds/ More efficient world creation
  12. Height Biomes (Flatlands, Mountains, Hills, Lowlands, Oceanic)
  13. Type Biomes (Grasslands, Deadlands, Tropics, Marshes, Icelands, Volcanic, Ocean)
  14. Better Water Generation
  15. Carving out of caves and caverns
  16. Using 3D perlin noise for better looking terrain
  17. Different world sizes
  18. Randomly Spawning Trees (Depending on biome)
  19. Generation of large underground hollows (Empty spaces w/Lava)
  20. Generation of lava underground


  1. More efficent mesh creation code
  2. Textures Loaded off Sheet
  3. Better face rendering

Customisation - Alistair

Weapon Customisation

  1. Pixel Editing of all tools weapons etc
  2. More pixels= Stronger but slower weapon
  3. Special blocks give special abilities, more special blocks = stronger abilities
  4. Picture of the weapon/tool for icon
  5. Saving the weapon/tool ingame

Race Customisation

  1. Complete race customisation pixel by pixel
  2. Race stats and points (Spend 15)
  3. Race Perks (3)

Animal Customisation

  1. Externally add to the animal library to load from ingame

Inhabitant Mode - James


  1. Fix digging entirely
  2. Fix inventory and make more efficient
  3. Equipment slots (Armour)
  4. Better organized inventory code
  5. Tool values
  6. Smelting system
  7. Anvil crafting menu
  8. More Crafting Recipies
  9. Item types (Edible etc)


  1. Different break times on blocks
  2. Tools affect the rate in which an item breaks


  1. Health values
  2. Stamina
  3. Sprinting
  4. Weapon Rendering
  5. Sword hitting
  6. Weapon Abilities
  7. Bows code
  8. Sheild code

GUI - Landon/Mak

  1. Improve hover menu by adding more info, interaction, and improve visual presentation
  2. Main Menu

Overlord Mode - Landon


  1. Smooth movement camera at edges of screen
  2. Camera boundries
  3. Camera physics collisions
  4. Camera zooming with mouse wheel
  5. Camera Rotate with E/R keys
  6. Camera Movement with wasd keys


  1. Building Selection
  2. Builder Class(will be combined into one with the other classes later)
  3. Stockpile
  4. Stockpile Selection AI and on the fly type changes
  5. Improve block placement by aligning placement and scale to the voxel world grid
  6. Convert standard cubes to voxel cubes


  1. Add ability inventory (6 slots)
  2. Add building inventory(wood, stone, leaves, etc)

Selection (Controller Ability)

  1. Path-Finding Upgraded, finally get rid of A-B pathfinding Smile
  2. Add unit selection
  3. Right click, move, left click release
  4. Box Selection
  5. Attack click(done for now, will be upgraded later)

AI - Landon

  1. Import Troops/Builders into the Voxel World(done when pathfinding is upgraded)
  2. Civilization Group Resource Management
  3. Civilization Group Inhabinate Management
  4. Enemy Troop AI
  5. Enemy Builder AI(choosing where to build, building, resource management, etc.)

  6. Import Animals into the Voxel World(done when pathfinding is upgraded)
  7. Passive Animal AI(run if provoked)
  8. Aggressive Animal AI(Attack if in range)
  9. Semi Aggressive Animal AI(Attack if provoked)
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Versions/Features to be Added
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